Can STDs be cured?

Some of the sexually transmitted diseases can be successfully cured, while others cannot. It’s convenient to divide all STDs into two groups: viral and bacterial STDs.

Viral STDs cannot be cured

The virus-born STDs cannot be cured. These include HIV, herpes, HPV/genital warts, hepatitis B and others. However, using medications can help alleviate the symptoms and enable a healthier life for a person.
A contraction of hepatitis B can be prevented by having a vaccine prior to the expsoure.

Unfortunately, no cures currently exist for viral infections.

Bacterial STDs can be cured

Those STDs that are caused by bacteria can be successfully treated until fully cured. Antibiotics are usually used. This groups includes gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis.
When an STD has been detected, an infected person should:

  • inform their partners, so that they can undergo tests and treatment, if needed;
  • follow the treatment course, set forth by a health care provider;
  • have follow-up check-ups in order to make sure that no infection comes back.

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