How can a woman determine whether she has chlamydia?

Quite often, women show no symptoms of the chlamydia infection. So, having medical test is the only option for a woman to obtain a definitive answer.

Pain or burning sensation during urination and a discharge from vagina can be symptoms of chlamydia. In case of any such occurrence, the person should consult with a health care specialist.

If the woman was diagnosed with chlamydia, her partner should also simultaneously undergo the treatment. This will make sure that the infection is not passed back.

Failing to treat chlamydia in time can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. Taking into account that chlamydia can have no noticeable symptoms, women can have the infection untreated for a prolonged period of time.

In the most severe cases, the infection can result in sterility.

Inflammation and abdominal pain can also occur. So, these symptoms are a clear call for a doctor visit.

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