Prevention of Clamidiosis and Contamination Risk Reduction

  • Sexual continence is the best way to prevent clamidiosis contamination.
  • Use of condoms when you have sexual contacts is necessary.
  • Having only one healthy sexual partner for whom you are the only sexual partner as well (mutual monogamy).
  • Use spermicides with condoms which provide additional protection during vaginal sexual contact. But during oral or anal sexual contact spermicides are useless.
  • If you often change sexual partners you should regularly undergo medical tests.
  • If any sexually transmitted disease has been detected in you or your partner, you shouldn’t have sex, until you both have been completely cured.
  • Timely and qualified medical aid, adequate therapy and proper follow-up will provide complete and prompt recovery.
  • Reasonable choice of a sexual partner and awareness of his or her STD status will protect you from sexual infections like Clamidiosis.


  • Take all prescribed medical drugs even if symptoms disappear until you complete the whole treatment course.
  • All partners should be checked up.
  • You should inform all people you have sex with. Sexual continence is necessary until all partners are completely cured.

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