Crab lice are ectoparasitic insects, living on the human body mainly in the pubic area, on genitals and around the anus and transmitted during sexual contact. More rarely, crabs may spread via toilet, clothing, towels or bed linen. All you need to prevent crab lice transmission is following certain rules. Here are some of them.

  • You should clear up your sexual partner(s) STD status. If the person you have had sexual contact with is infected, he or she must be properly treated;
  • Infected persons shouldn’t have sexual contacts until they are completely recovered;
  • All things (clothes and bed linen) used by the infected person shall be washed in hot water and boiled properly and ironed out. The clothes which are not washed and ironed must be kept in hermetically closed bag;
  • Sharing of clothes, bedding and hygiene items with infected people must be excluded;
  • Don not use anything like sprays, aerosol or fumigants against insects. They may have detrimental effect on your skin and respiratory system;
  • Do not self medicate. All infected persons should be carefully checked-up for other STD especially if they are sexual active and have more than one sexual partners and consult the doctor if any of diseases is revealed.

Follow up

  • Carefully observe all directions and recommendations of your doctor
  • To avoid possible side effects you should carefully read instruction to the medical drug you take and follow guidelines and dosage;
  • If you are infected with crab lice all people you have had sexual contacts with must know about it;

You shouldn’t have sexual intercourse until complete recovery.

Further Reading