Trichomoniasis Definition

Trichomoniasis is a widespread infectious inflammatory disease (STD), mostly transmitted via sexual intercourse. This disease is more often diagnosed in men, because the pathogen is highly contagious (infectious), and the symptoms of the disease are scant. And therefore, many patients have trichomoniasis for a long time, and apply for treatment only when they have complications. Women can also be susceptible to this disease, they have trichomoniasis as a vaginal infection, men – as urethral one

How may Trichomoniasis be Caught?

Like other sexually transmitted diseases, trichomoniasis can also be passed during sexual intercourse. Even if the disease is asymptomatic, it can be transmitted to the sexual partner. Use of condoms do not provide 100% protection but is strongly recommended because it decreases the risk of transmission. Besides, you shouldn’t share hygiene items or bed clothing or towels with any other people because Trichomoniasis survives in humid environment for several hours therefore in this case infection through non-sexual contact is possible.

Incubation Period

It lasts from 3 to 28 from infection.

Symptoms of Trichomoniasis

In some cases trichomoniasis is asymptomatic. But if this disease has symptoms they are as follows:

In Women:

Some symptoms may strengthen during or after menstruation and you may mix most of them with the symptoms of yeast infection. This fact emphasizes the importance of always having an yeast infection diagnosed properly, because it might not be an yeast infection.

In Men:

  • Burning and aching during and after emission of seminal fluid,
  • Slight pain during urination,
  • Frequent desires to urinate,
  • Possible slight mucous penile discharge.

Testing for Trichomoniasis

Urethral or vaginal smear and its microscopic examination to see if there is trichomoniasis or not.


Taking of antibiotics such as Metronidazole (Trichopolum) is necessary. It should be noted that even if only one partner has symptoms, both partners should be treated simultaneously and forbear from sexual contacts until complete recovery and confirmation of it by follow-up tests.

If You Don’t Treat Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is most frequent infection among sexually transmitted diseases. Although it doesn’t threat to your health or life, it shouldn’t be left untreated because it can cause some complications like inflammation of both external and internal genitals and uterine adnexa which can blunt immunity and increase the risk of HIV infection if one of the partners is a HIV carrier. Untreated richomoniasis can also cause infertility or premature birth in pregnant women.