Vaginal Yeast Infections: How to Prevent

Vaginal yeast is a disease caused by yeast-like fungi called Candida. To prevent the yeast infection, it is necessary to observe the following simple rules:

  • If you are infected with vaginal yeast, you should avoid sexual contacts until you are completely recovered;
  • Products rich of vitamins, micro-elements and lactic bacteria fortify the immune system, thereby help the organism to fight various infections including vaginal yeast;
  • You can reduce the risk of vaginal yeast infection contamination by constant blood glucose monitoring;
  • Antibiotics taking may result in vagina flora imbalance and yeast development. So you shouldn’t take antibiotics without urgent need and unless you have no other choice;
  • It is necessary to strictly maintain personal hygiene; People must always keep their genitals clean washing them with water and soap or other special intimate care means;
  • Underclothing should be chosen properly. It should be made of transpirable fabric with minimum or without synthetics otherwise breeding environment for vaginal yeast development may be created. Cotton is preferable;
  • Tight-fitting clothing may also create favorable environment for growth of vaginal yeasts because they like moist warmth which may occur when wearing something like skin-tight jeans;
  • Minimize wearing wet clothes, for example a bathing costume. Avoid keeping your genitals wet and warm for a long time. Avoid wearing sanitary pads or tampons for more than three hours. If you use a tampon when you visit a swimming-pool, change it immediately after swimming;
  • Such means as intimate deodorants and sprays may have harmful influence on vaginal flora balance so use them with care or consult the doctor before using them.

Follow Up

  • Use of antibiotics does not always justify the harm and adverse effect they have, so take them only if it is really necessary;
  • If you choose taking antibiotics, you should strictly follow the instruction and your doctor’s recommendations. Never exceed prescribed dosage.
  • Abstain from sexual contacts until you completely get rid of the vaginal yeast infection.

Further Reading